Are you a Foreigner

FOREIGNER means a person who is not a citizen of India.


An Itinerant Foreigner is one whose stay in India at any particular time does not exceed 180 days. If his stay exceeds 180 days, he becomes a Resident Foreigner. All resident foreigners are required to undergo registration formalities, if they intend to stay for more than 180 days whereas the Itinerant Foreigner need not comply with this procedure.


The regulations of entry, stay, movements, departure, extension of visa etc., of a foreigner in India are governed by the following acts & rules


SL NO Acts & Rules Description
1 The Passport (Entry in India) Act, 1920 It prescribes specific authorization of foreigner nationals on their valid travel documents/ passports for allowing entry into the country. Under this Act and the Rules made there under, the foreignerscoming to India are required to get visa from Indian Missions/ Posts
2 The Foreigners Act, 1946 It regulates the entry of foreigners into India, their presence therein and their departure therefrom.
3 The Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939 and the Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1992 It mandates that certain categories of foreigners whose intended stay in India is more than the specified period, or as provided in their visa authorization, are required to get themselves register4ed with the
Registration Officer.


Foreigners who enter India should have a valid Passport and Indian Visa.


The passport is an authorisation by the country to which the foreigner belongs.


Visa is an authorisation by the country which the foreigner wants to visit.


1 Business Visa B
2 Conference Visa C
3 Diplomats D
4 Employment Visa E
5 Entry Visa X
6 Journalist Visa J
7 Medical Visa M
8 Missionary Visa M
9 Other Officials O
10 Student Visa S
11 Tourist Visa T
12 Transit Visa TR
13 UN Diplomats / Officials UD
14 Medical Attendent MX
15 Project Visa P
16 Research Visa R
Any other types of visas as specified by Govt of India