Asansol-Durgapur Police Passport Information

A. Online Submission of Application for Passport by Applicant:

The passport applicant submits the application on-line by selecting the police district as Asansol Durgapur and during the process, the applicant mentions his/her Personal Particulars, including the address for verification, period of stay and the name of the jurisdictional police station under which he/she resides and seeks an appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra. He/she visits the PSK on the date of appointment allotted to him along with documents pertaining to residential proof and date of birth and pays the requisite fees during the interview/before appointment through on-line.

The passport application of the applicant is assigned 15 digits Barcode file number, initiated and transmitted on-line to the office of the Commissioner of Police, Asansol Durgapur for causing police verification.

The on-line verification of Passport came in to effect from September- 2013 in Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate.

The Passport application so initiated are downloaded in the passport section of the Foreigners Registration Office, Special Branch, Asansol Durgapur and the same is endorsed to the jurisdictional enquiry officers of the Special Branch / PS as furnished by the applicant in the Passport application.

B. Verification Process at Special Branch level / Police Station level :

The passport applications are sent to the special branch officers of jurisdictional police stations or to the concerned police stations along with Personal Particulars Form and the Proforma of Police Verification Report.

The verification officer goes through the column address for verification in the Passport application and visits the address furnished for verification and contacts the applicant and verifies the residential address and age proof and compares the photograph of the applicant with the photo in the Personal Particulars form (P.P.F) and collects the copies of documents required for passport verification and obtains signature of the applicant for having physically caused verification.

The required documents to be produced by the passport applicant during verification by the police officer causing verification is already given in a separate link in our website.

The Verification officer( Enquiry Officer) goes through the police station records to find out Character and antecedents of the applicant and other reports, if any.

The questions in the Police Verification Report are ticked as “Yes” or “No” and the signature of the passport applicant is obtained Proforma.

C. Verification Process at Passport Section , Foreigners Registration Office:

The passport application received after verification is scrutinized and the verification data in the passport application is entered on-line and the digital signature of the A.C.P / D.C.P / C.P is affixed.

If the documents produced by the passport applicant is in conformity as per the information furnished in the Personal Particulars form by the applicant at the Passport Seva Kendra regarding the “Residential proof” and “Date of Birth proof”, a clear report is uploaded and transmitted on-line to the Regional Passport Office, Kolkata followed by hardcopy.

If the documents produced by the applicant is not in conformity as per the information in the Personal Particulars form, then an “Adverse” report is uploaded. Even a small error like Door No., Street name, Block no., Name not as per the documents such as Marks-sheet, Voter ID card e.t.c. or applicant not physically present to compare the photograph in the personal particulars form and to sign the Police Verification Form or not producing the documents to support residential address, nationality and age proof, proceedings pending in criminal court, convicted and sentenced to imprisonment of two years or more and court orders debarring applicants departure overseas results in sending up “Adverse” report to the Regional Passport Office, Kolkata.

Complaint of harassment or delay in verification process may be reported to any one of the below mentioned officers.

1) Addl. DCP , Special Branch, ADPC (O) – 0341-2515025 (M- 8116604433)

2) ACP , Special Branch, ADPC (O) – 0341-2257963

3) O/C FRO, Special Branch, ADPC – 0341 – 2251526

For any other query, applicant may contact Foreigners Registration Office, Passport Section.

Contact No – 0341-2251526

E-mail –