Do you need Return Visa ?


  • Foreigners who hold a valid Residential Permit and whose entry facility is exhausted, wishes to visit his native country and return to India, may seek Return Visa for required period of his stay, not exceeding 90 days.  
  • Foreigners whose application for extension of Residential Permit is pending for sanction and wishes to visit a foreign country may seek temporary extension for the required period of stay, not exceeding 90 days. The Return Visa/ Temporary extension will be issued by the State Government from the date of request on the recommendation of FRO. 
  • The foreigner requiring return visa may please contact FRO,  Asansol-Durgapur  with a request letter and Relevant documents
  • Foreigners should return to India before the date of expiry of such Return Visa, failing which the foreigner intending to return will be required to come on a fresh visa and undergo registration process afresh.
  • For more information, please contact Foreigners Registration Office, Asansol-Durgapur during office hours

    Telephone : 0341-2251526.