Do you want VISA/Residential Permit (RP) extension?

Extension of VISA/Residential Permit is required whenever a foreigner desires to extend his stay after the expiry of VISA / Residential Permit.




1. Fill-up Extension Form and submit to the FRO at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiry of VISA/Residential Permit, but not earlier than ninety (90) days – (3 copies)


2. Enclose the required documents
(List of documents varies with the type of visa)

Note: 1. Extension of stay requires payment of fee


2. VISA fee structure for extension : Contact FRO Office


3. In all cases of Visa extension Police verification report will be obtained by FRO from the Special Branch Officer of jurisdictional police station in the prescribed proforma.


4. RP extension may be sanctioned till two months before the expiry of the validity of passport.


5. In case of failure to submit VISA/RP extension application within the valid period, you are liable to be prosecuted as per law.