How to Register Online?

I.Guidelines for online filing of Registration by Foreigners

A foreigner can apply online from the website or for availing of visa services in the office of FRO, Asansol-Durgapur. The following process shall be followed:

  • Applicant shall select the Online Registration option from the main menu. As the option will be selected, the online application form will be displayed automatically.
  • Applicant is required to fill the online registration form and schedule his/ her appointment in the FRO before his/ her visit. Once the application form is filled and submitted, a unique Registration number is generated by the system.
  • The applicant is advised to keep the Registration number as the same number can be further used for any further modifications in the details submitted online and during his/her visit at the FRO.
  • Once the appointment is scheduled successfully, a Pdf. File (filled application) shall be generated by the system. Applicant is required to take the print out of the application and the requisite supporting documents for interview at the registration office.
  • Foreigners of the all nations are requested to submit one set (1) of all relevant and concerned documents.

II.Procedure for Online Application for Foreigners’ Registration

  • Applicants are requested to go through the regulations and instructions mentioned above in order to ascertain their eligibility and procedures involved in the process.
  • Applicants who are required to register at FRO shall have to fill their application online using the web based online application submission system. Applicants, who have not filed online applications previously before coming to FRO, shall be allowed to fill the online application form at the FRO. The officials present at the FRO shall facilitate and assist either to fill at the convenience of applicant or assist them at the FRO. Applicants who have not taken prior appointment shall also be allowed to register at the FRO.
  • Applicants may access the facility of online registration at the FRO from the above mentioned website. The applicant has to select the option of online registration from the main menu. As soon as the applicant clicks the option of Online Registration, the application form shall be displayed automatically wherein the applicant shall fill the details like:
    • Personal Details
    • Nationality (both present and previous)
    • Persons accompanying the applicant
    • Contact address and number in India
    • Passport and visa details etc.
    • Contact person in case of any emergency


  • After filling the online form completely, the applicant shall submit the application form and move to the next page from the option given in the form for scheduling the appointment at the concerned FRO.
  • As soon as the application form is filled and appointment is scheduled by the applicant, a unique application Id is generated which can be used by the applicant during his visit to the concerned FRO on the scheduled date. A pdf file of application form will be generated by the system after the submission of form to the FRO. Applicants are requested to take the print of the pdf file.
  • On the scheduled date, the applicant shall visit the FRO to meet registration officials along with the print of the pdf file and the requisite supporting documents. Applicant shall have to produce the supporting documents to the FRO officer to verify with the data already available in the case file.
  • Once the registration is approved then the applicant shall be provided a Registration Certificate as a registration proof by the registration official.

NB: Other than Pakistan Nationals, all the applicants are eligible for scheduling the appointment. Pakistan nationals shall have to register with the FRO within 24 hours of arrival in India.


III.Enclose required documents

  • Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) will issue Registration Certificate (RC) & Residential Permit (RP) within two working days normally. 
  • Registration Certificate (RC) & Residential Permit (RP) may be collected personally or by any person under proper authorization, by producing the acknowledgement/receipt of application. 
  • At the time of registration you must appear at the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO), Asansol-Durgapur personally.  

    Note : There is no fee for registration.